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Life Insurance Claim Lawyer

life insurance claim lawyer

When tragedy strikes, you may be in the unfortunate position of having to file a claim under a life insurance policy, for which premiums may have been paid for years.  When it comes time to collect, people are often shocked to receive a mountain of paperwork, infinite requests for expensive documents, and finally a denial. 

An experienced lawyer can assist with life insurance applications and, if necessary, fight unjust denials by insurance companies.  It is important for a lawyer to assist you with your claim from the beginning so that your application is cast in the best possible light.  If you have been denied by an insurance company, you must act fast as strict time limits may apply to your claim. 

Insurance companies may deny your life insurance claim for a number of reasons, the most popular being: 

  • Misrepresentation
  • Non-payment of premiums
  • Pre-existing conditions 
  • Insurance broker error

You may still have a case even though your insurance company has denied your life insurance claim.  It is important to remember that the adjuster handling your claim is employed by the insurance company to protect its interests, not yours.  Do not let the insurance company push you around.  Let an experienced Katzman, Wylupek LLP lawyer, working for you, review your case to determine if your claim was wrongfully denied.   Initial consultations with Katzman, Wylupek LLP lawyers are free and we only charge you a fee if we win.