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Disability Claims Lawyers in Sarnia, Ontario – Here for You!

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Disability Claims Lawyer, Sarnia, Ontario

You have spent significant amounts of money over the years paying insurance premiums with the understanding that your disability insurance company will take care of you in your time of need.  However, many Sarnia residents have discovered that insurance companies are more interested in their own profits than caring for their customers.

Katzman, Wylupek LLP can help guide you through the process of filing a disability claim or disputing an insurance company’s decision in Sarnia.  Our highly skilled lawyers have years of experience with Sarnia disability disputes and can handle this complicated process on your behalf.  The disability claims and dispute process contains many pitfalls that can trap people who attempt to handle claims on their own, causing them to give up completely or settle for much less compensation than they are legally entitled to.

Sarnia occupations with employers that often arrange for disability policies for their employees include:

  • Personal Support Worker
  • Nurse
  • Firefighter
  • Police Officer
  • Chemical Plant Worker
  • Engineer


Major Sarnia employers that may have arranged for disability insurance policies for their workers include:

  • Lanxess
  • NOVA Chemicals
  • Standard Oil Company
  • Imperial Oil
  • Bluewater Health
  • Suncor
  • The City of Sarnia



If you have filed an injury or disability claim and it has been denied, there is not much time for you to respond.  Your insurance company may employ several tactics to dissuade you from pursuing your claim, including:

  • Delaying payments
  • Denying the claim partially or in full
  • Asking for additional, unnecessary information
  • Visiting your home frequently, often without prior scheduling
  • Insisting that a physician of their choice perform additional evaluations



Contact Katzman, Wylupek LLP so that one of our highly skilled lawyers in Sarnia disability claims and insurance disputes can help you file your claim and put you in the best position for a successful resolution.  We understand how stressful and frustrating a time like this can be for you.  It is Katzman, Wylupek LLP’s goal to ease your burdens, so if you are unable to visit one of our offices for your complimentary consultation, we are happy to come to you.

Contact us by calling one of our offices today to schedule a free no-obligation consultation and see what Katzman, Wylupek LLP can do for you!

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